Neuropathy is a condition that afflicts 20 million Americans.  Usually it will begin as a “numbness” or tingling in the toes or fingertips and then spreads further up the limb as the sensation starts to change into a ‘pins and needles’ sensation or a burning pain.  People who suffer with neuropathy feel it 24/7.  It affects their ability to enjoy life and do simple things, such as walk barefoot through the grass, play golf, or sit and have a conversation without the pain taking all their attention.

This kind of pain drives people who suffer with neuropathy to search for answers, but when they speak to their doctor usually the only answer they find is to take drugs… Drugs that have serious side effects and that cause memory loss and make them feel like they’re in a fog.

Scrambler Therapy (aka Calmare) is an answer that gives people their life back without side effects.  The principle is simple, but at the same time, helps a very complex problem.  The nerve pain felt in so many conditions is because of a malfunction in the normal neural signature.  Many people are told that their nerves are dying, but tests show that everything is normal and the pain can’t be explained.  This is where Scrambler Therapy shines.

By connecting electrodes from the Calmare machine to the body near areas of pain, a responsive patient becomes unable to feel the original symptoms and over the course of treatment, the brain begins to normalize the neural signature from that of pain to that of ‘no pain.’

A successful response to treatment is a significant reduction or elimination of pain over a series of successive daily treatments.