Car accidents. A difficult topic for some and an unending list of questions for others. Car accidents, motor vehicle accidents or MVA’s occur at a rate of over 6 million per year in the United States. This is a large number and consequently affects many people every year. Not every instance is the same and many variables go into the entirety of a car accident case. Most of these navigational challenges come in the form of dealing with the insurance companies, seeking appropriate medical care for sustained injuries and the need for injury attorneys who advocate for your case. 

When it comes to seeking medical care it is easy to overlook that an E.R. visit is adequate treatment for the severity of an MVA. In certain circumstances where injuries are life threatening, an ambulance ride and treatment in a hospital is the exact medical needed for those injuries. In less severe cases where there aren’t any life threatening injuries, seeking medical care is still necessary. Injuries that may include whiplash, neck/low back pain, headaches and radiating pain into the arms/hands or legs/feet are best handled by caring and competent chiropractors who are skilled and knowledgeable about handling car accident cases. Other injuries that may not be apparent immediately after a car accident are disc herniations. These injuries are only identified by a thorough exam and sometimes advanced imaging such as an MRI. Many times an E.R. visit won’t refer for this kind of imaging as it takes time and is more costly than a CT scan. An E.R. visit is to take care of injuries that require immediate attention. A disc herniation does not qualify and therefore it will not be truly treated accurately. In seeking care outside of a hospital from a qualified chiropractor will be of most benefit as chiropractors are specialists when it comes to alternative care for injuries that are sustained during a car accident. 

Another important consideration is the potential for delayed symptoms. It’s not uncommon for car accident victims to feel relatively fine immediately after the incident, only to develop significant pain or discomfort days or even weeks later. This delayed onset can be due to the body’s initial adrenaline response, which can mask pain and other symptoms. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor one’s health closely and seek medical attention if any new symptoms arise.

Navigating the medical landscape after a car accident can be overwhelming. It’s essential to have a comprehensive care plan that includes a range of healthcare providers to address all possible injuries. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that all aspects of the patient’s health are considered and treated appropriately, leading to better outcomes and faster recovery.

Insurance companies play a significant role in this process as well. It is often necessary to advocate vigorously for the coverage of necessary medical treatments, especially when dealing with injuries that may require long-term care. Having a knowledgeable injury attorney can be invaluable in negotiating with insurance companies and ensuring that victims receive the compensation and medical care they deserve.

Given that navigating a car accident case can be difficult and arduous sometimes and that the case can be settled in the victim’s favor it does not account for effects that may come up years or even decades later. If a case is not settled properly or for the fact to just have the case settled and not for the benefit of the person in the crash, then any treatment at a later date will end up being at the cost of the patient. Long lasting effects occur mostly to inadequate care after a car crash. The types of long lasting effects include arthritis, degenerative joint disease, degenerative disc disease and spinal instability along with a myriad of chronic pain syndromes. This doesn’t mean that these kinds of outcomes can’t be treated because they can, but it takes more time and extra to manage. And that’s the kicker, these kinds of syndromes and chronic pain can only be managed and not corrected or cured. 

Our office specializes in treating patients after an MVA so that these kinds of prolonged injuries do not hinder the patient as years pass. Proper treatment should always trump the cost of treatment at the expense of the patient. If someone were to ask if they would rather finish a car accident case quickly without proper care vs. proper and adequate care that could limit lasting effects later on they would probably lean towards the latter because pain later in life leads to lower quality of life. It is better to treat car accident injuries properly after a car accident instead of waiting for symptoms to go away on their own and have problems down the road. Be proactive with treatment and care and seek the best fit when it comes to an injury attorney. Don’t let insurance companies dictate what happens with care and how the treatment is administered.

There is hope after a car accident. Not everything is doom and gloom. Treatment is helpful at keeping those long lasting problems from manifesting. Being able to be treated and have proper care shortly after a car accident will not only aid in the short term healing process but also better outcomes which provide a better quality of life in the long term leading to overall wellness.