How to Navigate Your Auto Accident Case and Get the Best Outcome

Car accidents in and of themselves are difficult to manage. First off, your car has been damaged and most likely undriveable. Next, you might have some injuries caused by the accident. After these things are recognized then a claim to the insurance company is the next step. What you are left with is finding how to either fix your car or getting a new one if the car has been totaled. Then, seeking medical treatment for your injuries is of paramount importance. Depending on the circumstances of the accident you may end up visiting the hospital either by taking yourself or by way of an ambulance.

What is the best way to start the process of handling what happens after a car accident? First is finding a good chiropractor who can refer you to a great injury attorney or finding a good injury attorney who can refer to an exceptional chiropractor. In any case, you will receive great care and treatment while also having someone in your corner who can negotiate and handle the insurance company. The attorney’s role is vital because they can help deal with the insurance in regards to vehicle repairs, treatment for injuries and just being on your side because the insurance company will not be. Insurance companies are looking to pay the very least amount they can and they try to manipulate you into thinking they have your best interests at heart.

In a case recently, a young single mother and her two children were in a car accident. The insurance company wanted to settle the case that same day by offering the mother $2,000 to settle and an additional $15,000 for medical treatment for her and her two children. Come to find out that the mother had extensive injuries that needed treatment that far surpassed the $15,000. Not only her but her two young children also needed significant care and treatment because of their injuries. To her knowledge the insurance company was really trying to help yet the evidence for the type of care and treatment that was needed for her and her two children was not yet evaluated and she lost out on treatment because the insurance company had dealt in bad faith. Dealing with insurance companies on your own is tricky so having a good attorney helps immensely to lessen the load.

In the state of Utah there is a required portion of your insurance called PIP or personal injury protection. The required amount to be covered is $3,000. So, no matter what that $3,000 will cover any costs of treatment, imaging, attorney fees, ambulance rides or specialists that need to be seen. Most of the time $3,000 in PIP does not go very far when it comes to paying for all of these kinds of services. Other insurance coverages will kick in when PIP has been exhausted.

When it comes time to see a qualified healthcare professional like a chiropractor for treatment it is wise to find out if they see car accident patients and how well they work with attorneys. This is a good indication that they are trusted by attorneys to give the best treatment possible and if there are extensive injuries then they shouldn’t be afraid of referring to other healthcare professionals and specialists to get you the best care. It all may sound like a lot but having a good core of attorneys and healthcare providers will get you the best outcome after a car accident.