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Auto Accidents

Research shows that even low impact accidents at speeds as low as 15 mph can cause bodily injury. If left untreated, these injuries could lead to future problems like headaches, tingling and numbness, muscle weakness, and even disc problems. Learn More

Calmare Therapy

Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment uses a biophysical rather than a biochemical approach, avoiding the adverse side effects and addictive properties linked to narcotic pain killers. Learn More

Decompression Therapy

Do you suffer from agonizing low back pain, neck pain, arm and leg numbness and tingling, etc.? Decompression Therapy is an effective treatment for these conditions. Learn More

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A few years ago I injured my lower back in a Mtn Biking accident. After a year of physical therapy and injections, I under¬went back surgery. The surgery gave me mobility and function again, but I still had almost constant pain in my lower back. 4 months ago I was treated with Calmare Therapy in St. George, and it really helped with the pain. Since the treatment, except for a couple of days following a fall, my back has been completely pain free.

Larry B

Lower Back Pain

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We use the most advanced treatment and technology to get you better as quickly as possible. Dr. Ward Wagner is a chiropractic physician who works with other pain management physicians, surgeons, and physical therapists, when needed, to ensure complete, comprehensive care.

Whether you are suffering from chronic pain or an acute injury, we have the best therapies to help you heal. As a nationally renowned chiropractor, Dr. Wagner will ensure a tailored treatment plan that yields maximum benefit for you.

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Learn How Dr. Wagner Uses A Cutting-Edge Device To Help Alleviate One Burn Survivor’s Chronic Pain.

I have lived with constant pain for the past thirty-two years with a pain score of 7-8 despite three back surgeries and trying epidurals and painkillers that made me nauseous and groggy. I really felt I had exhausted all my options. But after completing the ten 45-minute sessions with this new technology, I have been pain free for more than sixty days and I have discontinued all my pain medications.” She add­ed, “I really do not know if I can emphasize enough how thrilling it is to now have a pain score of zero. I have not had zero pain for more than three decades. The change in my daily life has been nothing short of remarkable.

Kris H

Constant Pain

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