Here are signs that it may be a lumbar disc problem:

  • Leg Pain (sciatica) with or without lower back pain
  • Lower Back pain and/or pain in the buttocks
  • After sitting a while, difficult to stand up straight for a few steps
  • Tender/stiffness when attempting to bend backward
  • Numbness, weakness and/or tingling in the leg
  • Need to shift position frequently to be comfortable sitting
  • Low back discomfort bending forward to do dishes/wash face

Lumbar disc herniations typically begin small and worsen over time when left untreated. It is actually less often that a ‘one time’ traumatic incident will herniate a disc. Usually discs are sightly damaged during ‘micro’ traumas which causes a swelling, which leads to bulging, which will then turn to a herniation if left unresolved.

Protect your discs by:

  • Sitting up straight with your buttocks all the way to the back of the chair or car seat
  • Squat when lifting heavy weights and use the “Golfer’s Lift” for lifting small items
  • Avoid twisting or lower back rotation when moving heavy items.