I often see clients in my clinic after a car accident. Sometimes the incident occurred weeks, months, or even years prior. After a few weeks of treatment, and finally starting to feel like themselves again, they often tell me they wish they had come in sooner.

Waiting after a car accident

When asked what took them so long to seek treatment, there are a few common responses.

Most people typically:

  • Thought the soreness would go away on its own.
  • Were afraid of getting stuck with a bill they couldn’t afford.
  • Thought their insurance rates would go up.
  • Sought other forms of medical care first, which didn’t help.
  • Assumed pain killers would take care of the problem.
  • Didn’t realize the extent of the soft tissue damage.

Chiropractic care is very effective when it comes to identifying and alleviating the suffering which results from auto accidents. Oftentimes clients see an E.R. physician immediately after the accident and are prescribed muscle relaxers or pain meds. This may or may not help relieve some of the discomfort temporarily. With that being said, often these types of interventions only serve to mask the symptoms of the underlying injury. If left unidentified and untreated, the injury won’t go away – chances are it will only get worse.

Finding the underlying cause of pain

Chiropractors are specifically trained to uncover the cause of the pain and dysfunction, not just cover up the symptoms temporarily. Often, injuries sustained in auto accidents begin as mild soft tissue or joint soreness that, if not treated, can progress to a debilitating dysfunction over time. If properly and promptly treated, the issue can be resolved before further damage or compounding issues develop.

When you make an appointment, here’s what you can expect. First, x-rays will be taken, if needed, to rule out any serious issues. After that, a thorough evaluation by the doctor will be done to determine the underlying cause of the pain. They will also establish a treatment protocol—usually a combination of modalities, massage, mild exercise and gentle movement—specific to your individual healing needs.

Working with us to heal

Because time is of the essence when it comes to making a fast and full recovery, at our clinic we make it a priority to minimize the stress of financial concerns by beginning treatments at no cost to you, provided you are not at fault and have an attorney.

If you don’t have one, our clinic can help find a reputable attorney who can help you with your specific case. And, for those wondering, your insurance rates will not be affected. With an attorney by your side, and no out-of-pocket expense to you, you can begin treatments and start the healing process as soon as possible. We want you to get back to living your life as soon as possible.

Being in a car accident is a scary, stressful event that no one wants to have to go through. But sometimes life throws us curve balls.

Though it can be overwhelming to have to deal with the aftermath of an accident, don’t let “you” get lost in the shuffle of paperwork and auto claims. Be sure to make your health a priority. There is nothing more important than your well-being.

If you or a loved one have been in a car accident, give us a call at 435-673-1443 or stop by Dixie Chiropractic to see how we can help.