Most people tend to feel tired and very relaxed for a period of between fifteen minutes to two hours after their treatment. The reason for this is that Qi (energy) is directed to go deep into the body during treatment, much as it does during the night while you sleep.It takes awhile for it to recycle and come back to the surface.

It can take between three and twelve hours for the brain to get a clear message from the needles and for the treatment to settle in. Keep track of time after you have been treated and you will most likely notice that you feel better incrementally in three time periods. The morning after an acupuncture session is generally where the peak of the treatment takes place. Some people stay at this peak experience for days, weeks or months (depending upon what is being treated), and others receive a day or so of relief.

There will be a few people that will experience a “healing crisis” after their treatment. In some instances the needles will speed up the process of illness, so that all of the symptoms happen at warp speed, and then the illness is over. A common cold is one illness that this can occasionally happen to. It’s as if your body experiences all 7 to 10 days of misery in a 2 to 24 hour time period.

There is no one form of medicine that can solve all of the ailments of the body. Be respectful of your health and do everything you can to bring your body into balance.