Another recent case in my office was a gentleman who was involved in a car wreck here in St. George, Utah.  He was driving on the Boulevard when another vehicle T-boned him from the right side.  Immediately he had neck and upper back pain.  The back pain was a sharp, stabbing pain that made it difficult to breath because the expansion of his chest would send sharp pain to his upper back.  His work as plumber was greatly hindered because of the pain.  At this point crawling into tight places to work and to lift large water heaters was unthinkable.

10 years previous to this wreck, he had been in another accident that resulted in a disc herniation to his upper thoracic spine region at the level of T4 (between the shoulder blades) which was found on MRI.  This felt exactly the same.  He was concerned because of the years of pain he suffered with previously, and now to have this same pain return was giving him a great deal of anxiety.

After taking x-rays and seeing that the T4 disc in his spine was showing some degeneration, we began treatments with electrical muscle stimulation, high dose laser therapy, and massage therapy.  These therapies gave temporary relief, but after 12 treatments, he was still having greater pain than would be expected.  I decided to treat with biopuncture (a.k.a. mesotherapy), which is homeopathic trigger-point injections comprised of all-natural materials.  The results were phenomenal.  Within 12 hours, his pain was reduced 80% and it was as if a weight had been lifted off of his chest.

Like most severe car accident injuries, full recovery took a few months, but I am happy to say that he felt as good as he did prior to the accident when we released him from care.

Biopuncture has been an amazing part of my practice since I implemented it 4 years ago.  The thing that I most like about this therapy is that there are no side effects (with the exception of those people who get queasy around needles).  But homeopathic medication is very safe because there has never been a bad reaction to it.  For acute musculo-skeletal pain, I use a product called Traumeel.  It is comprised of ultra low dose amounts of Arnica, Bellis Perennis, and Chamomilla, just to name a few.  This is a wonderful alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS).

Traumeel has gained great popularity because of the two reasons mentioned above: 1.  Effectiveness.  2.  Safety.

Typically people will feel relief effects within a few minutes, with full effect up to 24 hours.  Most treatment protocols are 1-2 injections per week while symptoms last or up to 10 weeks (whichever is less).