I see many who come to my office complaining of tailbone pain (coccydynia) usually from a fall onto their rear-end, sitting too abruptly, or repetitive trauma to the region.  These injuries are very common among skateboarders, horseback riders, cyclists, and/or during the childbirth.  This kind of pain can linger for years and those who suffer are subject to sitting on one ‘cheek’ at a time or carrying a donut pillow with them because sitting squarely on both glutes at once is far too painful.  Many people with tailbone pain will choose to stand more than sit.  Occasionally, the coccyx will be subluxated or luxated and may require an internal rectal adjustment in order to bring the coccyx into proper alignment.

A high percentage of tailbone pains, in my experience, have responded very well to laser treatment because although there was once an injury, the ongoing pain is unexplained due to the coccyx having healed in proper position.

People are amazed at how fast they respond to laser treatments.  I have seen individuals who, after long-term tailbone pain, are completely pain-free after a single high-dose laser treatment.