Only those who have been involved in an automobile accident truly know what it’s like…

The recurring flashbacks that cause restless sleep and even nightmares.

The anxiety you feel every time you get back in a vehicle, whether or not you are driving.

The stress of dealing with the added financial strain.

Even seemingly small things like the paperwork involved—insurance forms, police forms, medical forms—all add to the stress of the event.

And nobody can prepare you for the feelings that come if there has been a serious injury or loss of life. Such emotional and psychological scars linger long after the forms have been filed.

Then, on top of the emotional and psychological pain lies the all-too-real physical trauma.

Even a minor accident can literally throw your body “off track” and leave you dealing with the repercussions, including lost time, lost wages, and loss of sleep and appetite.

Relationships with loved ones become strained when you are dealing with the physical trauma brought on by a minor impact crash, let alone a major event.

Most people aren’t even aware of what they should do following an auto accident injury.

Many will go to the hospital via ambulance, have x-rays or CT scan, get a prescription for muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, or pain killers, but are then told to simply “go home and rest”.

Some are instructed to call their doctor if they have any further questions or need additional care. Unfortunately, few are told to seek out a chiropractor.

Chiropractic care can make a world of difference when it comes to gaining a full recovery from the acute and chronic pain that accompanies an auto accident.

A chiropractor will be the first to tell you that the forces involved in an auto accident are typically much more significant than a person realizes.

People commonly say, “It was a small accident. I was only hit by someone going 15 mph.” The problem with this thinking is that 15 mph is a higher speed than most NFL football players are tackled.

My question is, “If you were tackled by an NFL football player who was running full speed, do you think you might suffer an injury?”

The compounding problem is the acceleration/deceleration phenomena that occurs on initial impact.

The automobile jolts suddenly, and, while the person’s torso moves with the car, their head remains in place momentarily before catching up with the rest of their body.

This phenomena has also been given the name “whiplash” because, in slow-motion, the body and head move in a similar fashion to a whip.

If any of this is sounding familiar, whether a recent experience or something that you’ve been dealing with for months (or years), you know first hand the challenges it presents.

Find a chiropractor who has experience in treating patients who have been involved in auto accidents.

At Dixie Chiropractic, we have the experience and expertise to effectively treat auto accident injuries.

We incorporate chiropractic, massage, and a multitude of modalities to provide gentle treatments designed to give you relief and, more importantly, help you heal completely.

We share a common goal:  to eliminate your pain, allowing you to focus on getting back to living a fully functional, beautiful, pain-free life.