In Utah, there are many more St. George auto accident (s) than one would assume. St. George auto accident Chiropractor is not mentioned enough. There are still many people who aren’t sure of what they should do following an auto accident injury. Many will go to the hospital via ambulance, have x-rays or CT scan, get a prescription for muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, or pain killers, but then are told that they should go home and rest. They typically are instructed to call their doctor if they have any further questions or need additional care, but are rarely told to call their St. George auto accident chiropractor.
When treating for an auto accident, chiropractic care is almost always a necessity. The forces involved in an auto accident are typically much more significant than a person realizes. They will commonly say, “It was a small accident. I was only hit by someone going 15 mph.” The problem with this thinking is that 15 mph is a higher speed than most NFL football players are tackled. So my question is, “If you were tackled by an NFL football player who was running full speed, do you think you might suffer an injury?”
The compounding problem is the acceleration/deceleration phenomena that occurs is that on initial impact, the automobile is caused to immediately speed up or slow down (depending on the direction of impact) abruptly, but the persons head sitting on their neck momentarily stays in the same place while their body changes direction quickly, then their head catches up usually traveling at a higher rate than their body was going. This phenomena has also been given the name “whiplash” because in slow-motion the body and head move in a similar fashion to a whip used by cowboys.
The main point is to find a St. George Auto Accident Chiropractor who has experience treating auto accident injuries.
At Dixie Chiropractic, we provide that experience with Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage and a multitude of modalities to all provide gentle treatments programs designed to give you relief and more importantly, to help you heal completely.