The human body is made up of many complex systems and structures, including soft tissue — which is found in muscles, fascia, ligaments and tendons. Soft tissue injuries are common, and usually the result of either an overuse or acute injury.

An overuse injury usually occurs due to inflammation in the area caused by poor body mechanics and/or repetitive use. Acute injuries are the result of some type of accident or sudden impact, such as what typically occurs in an auto accident. One of the most common types of soft tissue injuries sustained in an auto accident is whiplash.

Soft tissue damage

Whiplash occurs when a sudden and violent acceleration-deceleration force occurs. This force can cause severe soft tissue damage to the structures in the neck and spine, which can be difficult to detect on x-ray or even MRI.

Another common soft tissue injury resulting from auto accident is vertebral disc herniation in the neck or back. Other sprains, strains, or contusions are also common following a car accident. If not properly treated, can progress into a chronic, debilitating condition.

If you suspect you may have soft tissue damage as a result of a car accident, the best thing you can do is seek care from someone who specializes in diagnosing these types of injuries. Chiropractors are trained to identify such injuries at the source, and provide intervention to promote rapid healing of the involved soft tissue.

At Dixie Chiropractic, our doctors work closely with massage therapists to accelerate the healing process through gentle massaging of the muscles and soft tissues at and around the injury, thus improving circulation and mobility. Our massage therapists also specialize in myofascial release, a technique that can improve the function of muscles and soft tissue dramatically.

Myofascial release

The casing which covers the muscle is called “fascia” and, when healthy, it glides and moves with the muscle and surrounding tissue.

When damaged due to injury, inflammation, and subsequent micro-scarring, the fascia will become bound up or “stuck” which can cause pain with movement or touch. Myofascial release can gently release the muscle fascia to return it to its normal mobility and function.

Oftentimes after an accident, people delay or altogether avoid seeing a chiropractor because they are worried about cost.

At Dixie Chiropractic we want you to get the care you need right away, to prevent worsening of symptoms that can lead to chronic pain and dysfunction down the road.

Why Dixie

We will evaluate and treat you with no out-of-pocket expense to you, provided you are not at-fault, and have an attorney. If you need help finding a reputable attorney who can help you with your case, we will be happy to assist you. Be assured that this will not affect your insurance rates.

Accidents can happen fast, and recovery can take time — but with the right diagnosis and care, you can put it all behind you and get on with your life. The sooner you get the care your body needs to recover, the sooner you will feel like yourself again.