Studies show that one of the pillars of happiness is making a contribution. Meaning, using your time and effort to put something out there, into the world, that benefits others.

Time Magazine recently published an article on this topic. It discussed how the secret to happiness lies in helping others.

A career will rarely produce happiness, in and of itself. A career centered around helping others, I can attest, will.

I am extremely grateful that, in my chosen career, I am able to do this. Contributing to the wellness of others has truly brought me joy over the years.

As I have read over some of the reviews on Google, it brings me a lot of joy knowing that what I am contributing is improving the lives of others.

Seems like a win-win to me. I wanted to share a few of those reviews here. These comments mean so much to me; it’s why I do what I do.

Thank you to all of those who have taken the time to write these reviews, and for the opportunity to serve you.

“After my husband, my son, and I were rear ended, we were referred to Dr. Wagner by our lawyer. I was 8 months pregnant at the time and was very hesitant at first but I was desperate for pain relief! He is AMAZING and his staff is so welcoming and friendly!! He understood our situation and really listened to our concerns. Dr. Wagner adjusted my almost two year old and my two year old loved it! It was amazing to watch!! My husband, who is pretty shy, grew to love the staff! I love Brittani and she gives AWESOME massages! They were all super involved with my family and even asked about me after I had our son a month later! Dr Wagner and Brittini really put me on the road to recovery! They made a very difficult and stressful situation bearable! My family is so grateful for them! I wish they knew how much they helped us! We were very very pleased with our time there! I would refer him to all my friends and family!

“I have had different types of treatments at Dixie Chiropractic: adjustments from Dr. Wagner, deep laser treatments, and of course my favorite reason for visiting, a massage from Jennifer. One of these days I’m going to try an acupuncture treatment. I always feel so much better after a visit to Dixie Chiropractic.”

“I was seen for 2 herniated discs in my low back. My treatment plan was to get the laser and decompression. I was able to go back to work after 2 weeks and back to full function within 2-3 months. Normally herniated discs take around 6 months to heal from, from what I was able to research. Dr. Wagner and his staff were amazing. They were friendly and empathetic. Now I’m back to my happy old self and doing the things I love!”

“Dixie Chiropractic is exceptional in every way–I’ve been there numerous times for chiropractic services from Dr. Wagner. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. The goal of the office is to get to the root of your problem and get you feeling completely better–not to have you constantly return to pad their business. I had a slipped disc in my neck and Dr. Wagner treated it with laser therapy. I was able to heal quickly and didn’t have the problem again. In addition to the chiropractic services, I’ve had great experiences there with massages. The office’s licensed massage therapist, Jennifer, is second to none, in my opinion. She’s highly skilled and phenomenal. These services, along with others the office provides, are scheduled by Dr. Wagner’s front office staff, and that staff actually makes you feel welcome and appreciated. They’re friendly and happy! I can’t say enough good things about the complete results I’ve found at Dixie Chiropractic.”

“I heard about Dr. Wagner from the radio show and thought I would try the laser treatments for my shoulder. Dr. Wagner and his staff are great, always smiling, and very pleasant and I felt very much at ease with them. I do appreciate the fact that they were there to help you heal and get better and not become an ongoing patient. Besides the chiropractic treatments, I was introduced to massage therapy. It was a good addition to my shoulder treatment both physical and mentally. The entire group of massage therapists is great. I see Jennifer as she helps me with my shoulder treatment and my fibromyalgia. I feel that her knowledge and skills are vast and have helped tremendously. I would recommend family and friends to visit their office.”

“I loved working with Dr. Wagner. I called in with an injury and they got me an appointment for 30 minutes later! Dr. Wagner listened to me and told me what I could do to avoid further injuries without giving up weight lifting. And Brittany is a great massage therapist! They both put in a lot of work to help me feel better.”

“I went to Dixie Chiropractic for neck pain. I was told I had Spinal Stenosis and needed neck surgery before I went to Dixie Chiropractic. The staff is so friendly and professional, I couldn’t believe it. I had neck decompression and laser therapy. Pain went from a seven to a two. Now I am doing massage therapy and neck adjustment twice a month to keep the pain to a minimum. Dr. Wagner is a regular guy and talks to you the same. I highly recommend them. No surgery is the key for me.”

“I highly recommend this chiropractic office. I was visiting St. George and was blessed to come to this office. The services offered are tremendously helpful and in fact while I was on the decompression machine the daily migraines I had been having literally I felt it slip away and have not had another since and that was month ago! The laser therapy, chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy add to the whole experience. All was healing and the progress I made in 3 weeks was more than at home in 3 months. The office staff is very friendly and helpful and Doctor is warm and wonderful. If you live in St. George do your body a favor and make an appointment.”

“Dr. Wagner’s DC practice is excellent, friendly and caring. He recommended laser treatments for my right shoulder that have restored great movement and flexibility. Jennifer, the office’s medical massage therapist, brought back flexibility to my lower right arm that had not been able to rotate for 59 years.
The office staff is always helpful and friendly. Laura and Juana are a ray of sunshine.”

“I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Wagner. The past year has been the best (least painful) I have had in the last 6 years. My low back has given me fits for several years. I was able to resume exercise and have felt so much better after receiving treatment. The many options available were tailored just for me and I consider it a great success.”

“After struggling with Plantar Fasciitis for 8 months, wearing orthotics, cutting way back on my exercise, etc., Dr. Wagner’s laser treatments are what have finally given me relief. I look forward to completing my treatments and getting back to a pain free lifestyle. The office staff are professional and my experience has been so positive. I recommend Dr. Wagner and his staff highly.”

“I love that Dr Wagner has so many treatment options in his office. He is awesome about diagnosing what I need to help with my pain. He is very knowledgable and helpful. With laser, massage and more, I know I’ll get the relief I need from his office. Highly recommend !”

“Dr. Wagner has helped me significantly with the pain in my left shoulder. I have been seeing him on a regular basis for the last 5 months and have been able to control my pain without having the horrible side effects of pain medications. His laser treatment has been a success! I am grateful to him for all his continually help and know that he has my best interest at hand. He is amazing, patient, and listens to your needs. Thanks for all your help!!”

“I was in a rollover auto accident a few years ago and suffered from inflammation and bulging discs issues. I felt hopeless and exhausted trying to find a treatment that was affective and nothing seemed to help. While I was on my way to the Dr’s to see if they had a solution without going the medication route, an ad on the radio came on from Dr. Wagner. It was a sign from God, I thought. So I called them and got into see the Dr. the next day. His way of healing the body is really affective. I feel like I can function in society again. Hands down, the best Dr.”

Car Wreck

“I was looking for a new chiro since the last one I went to completely overlooked my appt and I had been waiting for a half hour. I came in to Dixie Chiro with my husband and he did an awesome job with me, especially because I’m pregnant and he had this really cool table that made the adjustment go smoothly. He helped my husband out as well and even offered him the promo on the radio cuz he really felt it would help. I had called prior to the appt to find out what regular visits cost and they said about $85 for the first visit and $40 for the visits after that. I didn’t get x-rays because I don’t have tons of pain but my husband did. The x-rays were about $90, which is kind of pricey, but we didn’t have to do it unless we wanted to.”

“Came in for neck pain and it was my first visit ever to a Chiropractor, I was very nervous didn’t know what to expect. When he was ready to adjust my neck I was nervous and I thought it was going to hurt and it didn’t (wohhooo) it actually felt super good. Dr. Wagner is very gentle and helped with my neck a lot. I also used the Laser for my neck to decrease the pain, inflammation and gave me more range of motion and helped a ton!!!! He’s also helped me get better with my Thoracic pain. Thank you so much!!!”

“My wife and I have been patients for several years. I have a recurring lower back pain that Dr. Wagner’s adjustments make go away for several months. When my wife experienced increasing pain in her right knee, we weren’t sure what sort of medical practitioner to see, but opted to see Dr. Wagner because we trust his advice to either provide treatments that might resolve the issue, or redirect us to another practitioner. After ordering up a MRI to better assess the situation, Dr. Wagner recommended an orthopedic surgeon as the right place to go. Dr. Wagner’s focus was always on solving our problems, whether that means providing treatments himself or redirecting us. We feel we can trust Dr. Wagner to do what is really best in any situation, rather than delivering services he can bill but that might not be the best for us as patients.”

“I have been seeing Dr. Wagner for the past several months for low back pain due to a car accident. I have nothing but praise for Dr. Wagner as he has been able to greatly reduce my back pain in a very short period of time. He has many different therapy options that have all been a part of relieving my pain. Not only will he adjust my back, but I also receive laser therapy and fabulous massages as a part of my treatment plan. The laser has been wonderful to accelerate my healing time and with everything else involved in my treatments, I always leave feeling wonderful! Thanks Doc for taking such good care of me!”

“I had back pain from a slight fender bender for over a year. I went to a family doctor about the pain and he told me I just needed more exercise. Then I went to Dr. Wagner and within 3 visits the pain was totally resolved and I haven’t had any pain since! Thanks to Dr. Wagner I have my life back!”