At Dixie Chiropractic, we offer the most advanced technology to help you enjoy life without the painful effects of neuropathy. We are so confident that we can help you, we are offering a free, no obligation treatment. This treatment is absolutely non-invasive, takes about 45 minutes, and you will feel the difference after just one treatment. That’s why we are allowing people to test it absolutely free of charge.

Read through one of our patients testimonials about how our treatments have taken him from severe pain to virtually no pain at all with the feeling sensation returning.

I’m John Wagner and I have had neuropathy for probably the last thirty years starting in my left foot and going into both of my feet and hands.

I have tried all kinds of different things. I’m a veteran and this all stems back to Vietnam and I can’t do any of the neuropathy drugs because they just make me lethargic and I feel like I’m not even a human being.

So I have lived with this where I have wanted to cut my hands and feet off just because they hurt so bad. So I came to see my nephew [Dr Ward Wagner]…

After four or five treatments my feet don’t hurt anymore. My hands don’t hurt with pain. It’s something that I can handle and I will see how it goes from here. I haven’t felt my feet for years and its amazing…

You can also watch his story here >>>  John’s Story

Thank you John for sharing your story with us.