Great News for those who try the Calmare Machine

Safe, effective, non-invasive relief without drugs or side effects.


Local Results from the Calmare Machine

A new FDA-approved device to relieve pain is being used on a 17-year-old teenager who was hit by lightning in Utah’s Dixie. Alex Lambson and Dane Zdunich were both hit as they stood outside Snow Canyon High School in St. George, but Alex sustained the most critical injuries, including burns over 40 percent of his body and nerve damage that produces excruciating pain.

Calmare Testing and Trials

Pilot Trial of a Patient-Specific Cutaneous Electrostimulation Device (MC5-A Calmare ) for Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy
Phase II trial of the electrocutaneous nerve stimulation device, MC5-A Calmare, in patients with CIPN

What is… Calmare Pain Treatment Therapy?

Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment uses a biophysical rather than a biochemical approach, avoiding the adverse side effects and addictive properties linked to narcotic pain killers. A ‘no-pain’ message is transmitted to the nerve via disposable surface electrodes applied to the skin in the region of the patient’s pain. The perception of pain is cancelled when the no-pain message replaces that of pain, by using the same pathway through the surface electrodes in a non-invasive way. Regardless of pain intensity, a patients’s pain can be completely removed for immediate relief.


KSL Television News – SLC, Utah


FDA-approved device offers non-drug option for pain


Researcher Says Calmare ‘Scrambler’ Provides Pain Relief