Historically, methods for managing pain have involved attempts to suppress what the brain perceives as pain. Most methods have revolved around changing chemistry, such as pain killers or nerve blocks. Their intent is to suppress or inhibit what the system is feeling. However, these methods lose their effectiveness over time.

A common story that I hear from patients is that they began to take something, such as Gabapentin or Lyrica and initially it gave some relief, but then as time went on, their symptoms returned and so the dose would be increased.  Each time their pain returned, the doctor would prescribe another dose increase. In the end, the symptoms never abate and the patient is now suffering from all the side effects of the high dose of drugs such as: Memory loss, confusion and dizziness.  Not to mention the adverse effects on organs and other systems of the body.   The real problem is that as a long term fix, these drugs are ineffective.  In other words, they just don’t work.

The best fix for any condition is for the body to heal it.  Even though medicine is usually a symptom treatment only, the hope is that while symptoms are controlled, the body will heal.  Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.  And when it doesn’t, higher doses are needed.

In the cases of Idiopathic or Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, most doctors (and their patients) have given up on the hope of a cure.  While neither of these conditions has a “cure”, we have found that the symptoms of burning, numbness, tingling, and pins and needles have been eliminated through natural methods.  These conditions are representative of a significant loss of the body’s homeostasis, or normal function.  The good news is that with these conditions, the symptoms are the disease, so if the symptoms are gone, so is the need for addictive, dangerous drugs.

Calmare therapy has been miraculous in bringing homeostasis, or normalcy, to areas of abnormal neural feedback.  In other words, reprogramming or rebooting normal neural signatures. It doesn’t inhibit neural transmissions from occurring, but helps reprogram the brain to think that things are normal again.

Calmare therapy is absolutely non-invasive and highly effective.  To learn more, go to: dixiechiro.com and learn more about this amazing therapy on our home page.  We have even helped a burn-survivor and a lightning-strike victim.  You can also see these stories on KSL or The Doctors tv show.