Neuropathy pain is an interesting description for many people I meet. Usually when someone comes in for treatment, I ask about their discomfort instead of “pain.” The reason being that many people I meet to perform Calmare therapy on, don’t usually have pain, they have other symptoms of discomfort, such as: burning, numbness and tingling, pins and needles, electric shocks, itching, vice-grip, ache, etc.
Neuropathy pain typically will begin with a very slight tingling or numbness in the toes and then will progress to a stronger pins and needles or itching feeling. As the Neuropathy pain disease continues, symptoms become stronger and may be described as burning or electric shocks as the symptoms move up the legs, enveloping a larger portion of the body. True Neuropathy is a 24 hours per day problem that in severe cases, stops a person from being able to sleep for any length of time. I meet people all the time that will spend 8 or 10 hours a day in bed, but their total sleep time is less than 2 hours. Neuropathy pain is best described as chronic malfunction in the brain and nerve system. Therefore, the idea behind treating with Calmare therapy is to treat the brain, not the toes, feet, or legs.
Causes of neuropathy pain are most commonly: idiopathic (meaning nobody knows the cause), trauma, or diabetes.
Calmare therapy is a process of placing electrodes on the body in a manner that will ‘cancel’ the persons pain. When the pain is cancelled during treatment, this gives the brain the ability to re-write the neurosignature and change the brain and nerve system to remember messages of “no pain” instead of pain. Over successive treatments, the Neuropathy Pain or other symptoms, are reduced visit by visit until maximum relief is achieved. We are 90% effective in seeing significant reduction in symptoms here in my office.