Movement disorders (Painful Muscle Memory) typically will accompany herniated or bulging discs, chronic sprain or strain injuries and chronic facet syndrome (another spine-related problem).

When the movement disorder accompanies a herniated or bulging disc, the problem is two-fold:
1. There is pain associated with movement that will not correct with conventional disc treatments – a major frustration to doctor and patient.
2. The irregular movement patterns that the body adapts while trying to avoid pain may actually damage the disc further.

The main point: I have learned after 20 years of treating thousands of herniated discs and other spine complaints, is that when someone comes in with a spine complaint, whether it’s lower back, mid-back, or neck pain, I must look at the condition from multiple angles.

I have devised a screening examination and flow chart helping me not only to recognize the medical condition, but the WHY behind the condition. The patient’s history will also play a major factor in helping me discover why the condition is there. Questions such as: When do you feel it most? Is it worse in the morning or later in the day? Does it hurt with movement or is it constant? Is there a radiation or referral of pain to another area in the body? Does core stabilization help or hurt? …and probably the biggest question: Can you tell me how it started?

After gathering the history from the patient, I then begin the examination procedures that rule in or rule out various reasons of why the person is having the pain. Once I am satisfied with what the condition is and why it persists, I then explain it to the patient. When I explain in lay terms whats going on and why it’s going on, my hope is that the patient not only understands, but agrees. After all, they have been living with it and if what I’ve diagnosed rings true to them, they will not only be more compliant with treatment, but they will have the information they need in order to regulate the do’s and don’ts of daily living to enhance their specific treatment and heal.