Are you struggling with whiplash pain in your back or neck? You may be surprised to learn that a wide range of factors could be contributing to the pain you’re experiencing. To find relief, you need a chiropractor that offers a “holistic” treatment strategy. Otherwise, you run the risk of developing a chronic condition.


Factors Contributing to Whiplash Pain


“There are several secondary factors related to whiplash that, if left untreated, can lead to ongoing discomfort,” said a Centennial CO chiropractic specialist who spoke with Dixie Chiropractic. “A chiropractor is able to provide treatment for both primary and secondary problems stemming from a whiplash injury.”


Common problems stemming from whiplash include:


Faulty Movement Patterns


During a severe whiplash injury, the cervical spine receives an overload of pain signals. If the barrage is bad enough, it can knock the nervous system’s coordination with muscles out of whack. The result is referred to as “faulty movement patterns,” a condition that can lead to issues with joints and muscles and produce significant back and neck pain.


Muscle Dysfunction


In some cases, a whiplash injury may lead to too much tenseness and activity in muscles, while in other cases it may inhibit muscles and limit their activity to a harmful degree.


Joint Dysfunction


Joints in the limbs or spine may lose some shock absorption or resiliency as a result of whiplash. This affects the body’s normal range of movement and may cause pain.


Herniated Discs


The sheer force of a whiplash injury can damage the discs located between each vertebrae in the spine. If a disc’s gelatinous middle section seeps out and applies pressure on the nerve root behind the disc, it is referred to as a disc herniation. Herniated discs may cause pain in the neck and arms and other neurological symptoms like tingling, numbness, and muscle weakness.


Chiropractic Care for Whiplash Pain


Because each case of whiplash is unique, it’s very difficult to generalize about which chiropractic treatments are best. However, after examining your specific condition and symptoms, there are a range of options that our Saint George UT chiropractor can utilize to help you find holistic relief:


  • Muscle relaxation and/or stimulation
  • Manipulation
  • Lifestyle and ergonomic changes
  • Various exercises


Avoid a Chronic Condition!


If left untreated, whiplash pain can become a chronic condition. You don’t have to suffer with ongoing discomfort and lack of mobility if you don’t want to! You can achieve holistic healing with chiropractic care in Saint George UT from Dixie Chiropractic.


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