Are you suffering from pain, tingling or numbness in your hand? Often this pain can manifest itself for years before you decide to seek treatment. The underlying cause of this pain can often be unknown. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS is a condition where one of the main nerves in the wrist is compressed and is more common as we age and affects women more than men statistically. “Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common neuralgia in the median nerve distribution of the hand. “CTS can be treated effectively with dual treatment options. The use of laser therapy combined with massage has been found to be a viable treatment option.  

According to Elsevier et al, twenty-one participants received 30-minute massage, twice a week, for six weeks. Carpal tunnel questionnaires, the Phalen, Tinel, and two-point discrimination tests provided outcome assessment. The results demonstrated a significant (p < 0.001) change in symptom severity and functional status from two weeks. Based on this study, the combination of massage and trigger-point therapy is a viable treatment option for carpal tunnel syndrome and offers a new treatment approach.

Let’s dive into each therapy methodology to understand better how this duel method can be used in the management of CTS. First, let’s look at the treatment of CPS using laser therapy. In a randomized clinical trial by Li et al., studies revealed that low-level laser improved hand grip, visual analog scale, and sensory nerve action potential after 3 months of follow up for mild to moderate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

Massage therapy can mitigate inflammation, pain, and numbness by softening and lengthening the fascia and muscles of the neck, shoulder, upper arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, and hand. The therapist can also use comprehensive deep tissue work that will help release adhesions, trigger points, and tension in the soft tissue of the shoulder, arm, wrist, and hand. This can, in turn, release the medial rotation of the shoulder and help with the pectoral and subscapularis muscles. All of which causes a kinetic change reaction linking to the carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.  

Using a combination of both the laser therapy and massage treatments rendered improvements in CTS in patients who were investigating more evasive treatment options such as surgery. Our office has also experienced great results from this dual treatment. Call our office to schedule a consultation with our competent staff to see if this is the right treatment option for you. Why wait another day in pain when you could be well on your way to experiencing less pain and moving on with your life and doing what you enjoy now.  

– Dr. Ward Wagner is a Chiropractic Physician practicing for over 20 years in St. George, UT. He is a Board Certified Physician.  

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