Bulging and Herniated Discs are more common than people realize. 40% of the adult population is walking around with bulging and herniated discs and don’t even know it. This is because disc problems, in their early stages, feel like simple stiffness and soreness. Also, bulging and herniated discs rarely begin as some major trauma or injury to the spine. Typically, they begin with poor posture, poor lifting habits, or poor working habits. In other words, a series of micro-traumas.
As the spine pain persists, they will start to notice patterns, such as: pain every time they sit in a slouching position for a length of time, or every time they sit with their head rotated while watching a movie or listening to a lecture. After being in these positions for a while, they feels stuck and sore, but after working at it for a minute or two, they are able to move again.
When bulging and herniated discs really start to manifest as something serious is when the individual notices that they are having numbness, tingling, or shooting pain going down a leg or arm. By this time, it is a serious situation and typically needs to be addressed. The other problem is, however, that a person will many times go to their primary physician who will order an MRI and then send them to physical therapy for exercises as a ‘conservative’ measure. The person will start exercising the bulging and herniated discs, usually with poor results, and once that has failed to help, in fact, made them worse, they then go to a surgeon.
Surgery can be avoided with decompression and laser therapy 70% of the time. To understand how this works, check out my video on the home page or at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QFv7I1tvUI&feature=youtu.be
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