Lower back pain solutions are many and varied. There are 3 general ways to be treated:
1. Do nothing.
2. Do home remedies.
3. Get help.
Most people will not ignore the problem and truly “do nothing.” Most will actively look for back pain solutions. Most will try something such as rest, ice or heat, stretching, ointment or salve, or over-the-counter medications. When this helps, they are thankfully relieved, and continue on with normal daily living.
I am interested in speaking to those who have tried everything they can on their own, but still need help.
What’s frustrating for most people who have unsuccessfully tried to fix their pain is that they can’t understand why it isn’t working. But don’t despair, I have been in the back pain business for 20 years, and there are still some cases that leave me scratching my head. Not all back pain solutions are immediately apparent. I have found that there are categories of pain that help with the discovery process and will usually lead to back pain solutions.
The categories are: Mechanical, Ligament, Disc, or Muscle.
Mechanical pain involved movement not necessarily related to tissue damage. The person is simply out of whack (this is primarily what Chiropractic is best in helping).
Ligament, Disc, and/or Muscle categories are describing the tissue that has been damaged and needs to be addressed in order for healing to occur.
Experience is the key. After a series of range of motion tests and orthopedic maneuvers, I typically can identify one or more categories that fits the person’s pain. This then leads to the best back pain solutions.
For chronic pain, my favorite tool is the ‘high dose laser’ therapy, or just ‘laser’ for short. This device is simply miraculous at healing chronic ongoing pains of all types and tissues.
There is nothing else like it. It is a very non-invasive procedure that yields tremendous results.
So if you are suffering from back pain that hasn’t found a solution yet, call us today and come try it out.