Mesotherapy (Biopuncture) is a safe and effective technique used to reduce pain and inflammation. It is often used in place of cortisone for nerve pain, arthritis, stiff joints, and acute or chronic injuries such as: sprains, bursitis, and tendonitis. However, mesotherapy is not just used for treating pain. Allergic and inflammatory conditions such as: asthma, eczema, hay fever, bronchitis, and cystitis are also treated effectively with this technique.

There is little to no discomfort because the homeopathic injections are given just below the surface of the skin. These injections stimulate the natural self-healing capabilities of your body. The majority of the products are derived from plants. Echinacea, chamomile, and arnica are commonly used. Clinical studies on thousands of patients have confirmed the safety and efficacy of these remedies.

Further research tells us that pain is one of the top 3 reasons for a patient to visit their doctor. What is wrong with this picture? What are we missing? The lack of effectiveness, as well as numerous, often serious, side effects of conventional treatments for chronic pain (e.g. medications, cortisone shots or surgery) are primary reasons that 40 million Americans look for a complementary alternative medicine (CAM) practitioner to help them find relief from pain. Common CAM therapies include: massage, manipulation, acupuncture, reiki, herbal medicines, homeopathy, vitamins, supplements, yoga, pilates, tai chi, qigong, etc.  An Alternative Cure for Pain: Biopuncture By Lee Wolfer, MD Integrative Sports, Spine and Wellness Medicine

Although mesotherapy is an effective treatment for many conditions, it is not a miracle treatment. It is not an appropriate treatment for conditions such as: cancer, diabetes, heart attack, AIDS, Parkinson’s Disease, and others.

Watch a short video from the Dr. Oz show about Biopuncture here.