It is amazing to me how many people I meet believe headaches are normal.  That everyone gets them.  While I agree that headaches are common, they certainly are not normal.   In my opinion, if you are having more than 3 headaches a year, you have a problem.  The good news is that you are likely fixable.

Headaches come on for various reasons and have many different names or classes.  There are migraine headaches, tension headaches and cluster headaches, and then there are sub-classes of headaches such as:  with aura, without aura, retinal, paroxysmal hemicrania, hypnic, unilateral, etc.

The bottom line is that a headache is the symptom felt when there is pressure change within the cranial vault.  The protective lining that surrounds your brain is highly sensitive to pressure changes and the slightest fluctuation in pressure can result in a debilitating headache.  While there are certainly scary reasons for headaches, but most that I encounter are related to hypersensitivity to caffeine or sugar, lack of water, and neck being out of whack (subluxated).

Over the last almost 20 years of practice, I have helped hundreds of people that have come specifically for headache relief.  The solution is usually simpler than one realizes.  We discuss your diet and I check to see if your neck is in it’s proper alignment.