Dr. Ward W. Wagner

Dr. Wagner Best PhotoDr. Ward W. Wagner was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV where he was an All-State Football and Track & Field Athlete. Still, to this day, if someone asks what the best sport in the world is, Dr. Wagner will reply, “Pole-Vault.” He was married to his beautiful wife, Kristine, in 1990 while planning to go into teaching and coaching. However, while at work one day, he “threw out” his back and awoke the next morning hardly able to move or put on his shoes. When he called into work, his supervisor told him to go see “my chiropractor.” Dr. Wagner decided to take this first-time-ever visit to the chiropractor, and after an examination and adjustment, walked out of the chiropractor’s office completely pain free. This introduction to Chiropractic care gave him a new direction in education. He began his pre-med studies the following semester.

About 18 months later, he was enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic. This was where he had his first introduction to Rugby. Palmer College had a nationally ranked rugby team. Some of the players on his team were ex-professional players from New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. Dr. Wagner joined the team and after one semester of playing, he earned a scholarship and started on the team at the “Flanker” position (similar to a Tight End in American Football). After graduating with Clinical Honors in 1996, Dr. Wagner and his now family of 4, moved to St. George, Utah. He has practiced there ever since.

Dr. Wagner loves what he does and it shows by the way he listens to his patients and makes sure he understands not only what their problem is, but WHY they have a problem. He believes that in order to fully treat an injury requires that the cause must be understood and in many cases, addressed as well. He is a Certified Impairment Rating Specialist and Car Accident Reconstructionist. These areas of expertise set Dr. Wagner apart from others, especially when helping fix car accident injuries.

“The amazing thing that my profession offers everyday is real fixes to real problems. I love that I can help people without drugs or surgery. With the advent of Laser Therapy, Decompression, Calmare, and a host of other treatment options, I am able to address a myriad of conditions that used to be untouchable.”