Every time I see a patient with low back pain walk into my office with house slippers on, I am reminded of my first introduction to Chiropractic. It was 1991 and I was working on loading dock of a product transfer station in Las Vegas. At this time, I was also enrolled in College and was leaning towards a career in education but was only doing that because I wanted to coach track and field.
The transfer station had become very busy with an increase in product to meet the demand of many new accounts. I was working 12-16 hour days. One day, towards the end of a long shift of loading a lot of product, my back became very sore and I felt it ‘tweak’ a little. That night, when I crawled into bed, I could feel some low back pain. The next morning, I tried to roll over and felt this searing pain in my back. It then took me a few minutes to finally be able to sit on the edge of the bed, but I was simply unable to bend enough to put on my shoes.
After about a half-hour of trying to warm up my lower back by walking around my little apartment, attempting to bend, trying to stretch and stand straight, I realized that I couldn’t go to work in this condition. My low back pain was so excruciating, that I couldn’t even put on my shoes! I called my supervisor to tell him what was happening and he said, “You have to go see my Chiropractor.” I asked him what a Chiropractor was, and he said, “He’ll fix you up. You won’t regret it.”
So, I slipped on some sandals and drove to the Chiropractor. About an hour later, I walked out of the Chiropractor’s office 80% better. The following day, I had no low back pain whatsoever.
Thus was my introduction to Chiropractic and thus was my change in career path to becoming a Chiropractor.
I was simply amazed that I could feel so much better in such a short amount of time without drugs or surgery.