Out Continued from Dec. 1, 2014: By Terrin Parker:

“I thought Dr. Wagner was the best doctor in the world, because he was the only doctor that was able to take away my pain,” says Dave. “And I really love the machine, itself, because it has changed my life.”

So what is it about Calmare that is successful in treating pain, where other treatments have failed? In his own words, Dr. Wagner explains how Calmare is different than other methods of chronic pain relief:

Historically, methods for managing pain involved attempts to suppress what the brain perceives as pain. Most methods have revolved around changing chemistry, such as pain killers or nerve blocks. Their intent is to suppress or inhibit what the system is feeling. However, these methods lose their effectiveness as a long term fix. In other words, they just don’t work.

The Calmare system has been miraculous in bringing homeostasis, or normalcy, to areas of abnormal neural feedback. In other words, reprogramming or rebooting normal neural signatures. It doesn’t inhibit neural transmissions from occurring, but helps reprogram the brain to think that things are normal again.

That neural reprogramming is what finally brought Dave some relief. “My first experience [with Calmare] was a little bit strange, because it was the first time I’d had electrical impulses put into my muscles and the areas of pain,” he recalls. “I noticed a large difference in terms of positive signals being sent to my nerves, in my back especially, and that’s an area that has been troubling me since I was a child.”

Pic 3Dave is not the only one benefiting from Calmare. Dr. Wagner says the device has helped a myriad of different cases, from the very extreme cases such as Dave Dave, to those that are less traumatic, but still tedious and ongoing. “What’s amazing is the ability of this machine to fix people,” Says Dr. Wagner. “This machine works. It changes lives.”

Machines may contain the technology to improve circumstances, but it’s people that hold the real power to change lives. People like Michael Jackson, Dr. Wagner, and Dave Dave are perfect examples of such power. With their knowledge, experiences, actions, and words, they inspire hope and bring change. At times, life can burn our hopes to the ground, and leave us scarred. But if we so choose, we can become a light in the darkness and out of ashes, we too can rise.

Dave Dave and Dr. Wagner will be featured on the show “The Doctors” discussing Dave’s journey, including his experience with Calmare Therapy.