Are you the victim of personal injury or an automobile accident? Whether the accident was high or low impact, people often continue to experience varying levels of residual pain. Chiropractors can treat sore muscles, back, neck or soft tissue injuries and whiplash.

However, these seemingly minor injuries such as whiplash; if left untreated, can evolve into a condition requiring surgery. In fact, many injuries that affect the head, neck or spinal cord present a threat to brain health. As such, consulting a chiropractor after an accident may prove to be beneficial in the long term.

Question: Can a Chiropractor determine the extent of my injuries?

Yes! Chiropractors are trained to recognize injuries that may go undiagnosed. They have received orthopedic and neurologic training in how the spine, neck and connective tissue and muscles all work together. Therefore, is it important to seek out the experts that can help you understand the full extent of your personal injuries.

Question: When should I seek out the care of a Chiropractor after an automobile accident?

You should seek care from a Chiropractor immediately following your personal injury accident. Many times, after an auto accident, your symptoms change over time. Not all your symptoms will show up immediately after the initial trauma. You could experience delayed symptoms after the endorphins and adrenaline decrease in your body. Your chiropractor can help to diagnose additional problems that may occur. They will organize a treatment plan so that you can get on the road to recovery. The sooner you start treatment, the better.

Question: Can my chiropractor work with other medical professionals to ensure I receive the appropriate care from my personal injury?

Yes! While a chiropractor can treat a wide range of injuries caused by car accidents or other personal injury situations, some injuries may need to be treated by additional medical professionals. Your chiropractor can refer you to the appropriate providers that will get you the best care to treat your injuries quickly. Some injuries may need other specialists in addition to a chiropractor, such as an orthopedist or neurologist to fully treat injuries.