After an auto accident, you may see some of the obvious injuries such as bruises, scratches, or perhaps a broken bone.  There are some injuries that are not as obvious, such as whiplash.  

Whiplash may not present symptoms until a few hours or even a few days after the accident.  Early intervention is key and will provide the best possible outcome.  Seeking treatment and being assessed by a chiropractor immediately is recommended.  Evidence shows that patients who receive care within the first 72-hours recover faster, spend less money, and have improved outcomes.  

Delayed healing can lead to complications with soft-tissue injuries, increased scar tissue, and potential problems with insurance coverage.  In our office, the treatment is accepted by auto insurance coverage, thus leading to less stress and time on your part.   Chiropractic care is a holistic approach that ensures less invasive care and encompasses treatment of injuries sustained in the accident, including the invisible ones that typically show up days later. 

Upon arrival in our office, our team of providers will perform a comprehensive assessment and health history evaluation to ensure optimal treatment.  According to Dies, et al., patients who complained of a headache or low back pain required more treatments than average, however, the patient’s pain level was lowered by prompt care in seeking treatment.  

Early mobilization of acute whiplash injuries yields the best results.  In a study conducted by Mealy et al, Acute whiplash injuries are a common cause of soft tissue trauma for which the standard treatment is used to mobilize the cervical spine. Results showed that eight weeks after the accident the degree of improvement seen in the actively treated group compared with the group given standard treatment was significantly greater for both cervical movement (p less than 0.05) and intensity of the pain (p less than 0.0125).

Don’t wait another day if you have been subject to an auto accident.  Seek treatment now, by calling our office.  Dr. Ward Wagner is credentialed as an Accident Reconstructionist and is qualified to treat auto accident injuries.